Steel Decking Buyers Guide

May 1, 2023 in Decking / Steel Sheets
Steel Decking Being Used in Construction

Did you know that steel is the world’s most recycled material?

While many people may not think of steel being a green material, using steel in construction can help reduce the carbon footprint of the entire project. As a 100% recyclable material, steel can cut construction costs, save time, and make your life easier at the same time. This makes it one of the most impressive, versatile construction materials available today.

Steel decking emphasizes these benefits, as you can use it for many different applications. Whether you’re looking for an efficient, durable roofing solution or extra reinforcement for your concrete floors, steel decking can come in handy. This is why it’s so important to understand steel decking and how you can use it for your project.

Want to learn more about how steel decking can help your construction project? Read on for a complete buyer’s guide on steel decking.

Steel Decking

Steel decking is a metal sheet that has been prepared and customized for construction. This kind of metal sheet is designed to add both support and durability to concrete floors. However, this decking can also be used for siding and roof structures as well.

Steel decking is a great solution for concrete floors as it allows you to pour concrete directly onto the decking. The decking is held up by the steel structure itself, giving you space for the concrete.

This kind of decking can also be used in roof structures. The shape of the decking allows for weight to be distributed evenly. Many eco-friendly companies are also embracing this kind of decking for green roofs, as it makes for the perfect drainage structure.

The Versatility of Steel Decking

As mentioned above, steel decking is an incredibly versatile material. This is why construction companies around the world love using this material for their construction projects. Metal decking can be completely customized to give you the exact support you’re looking for.

Steel decking can be used for flooring, roofing, siding, and for various concrete products. This is because the design of the decking helps add strength and durability to the concrete itself. In this way, you don’t need to use as much concrete, saving you money in the process.

The core benefit of using steel is the strength of the material. However, steel is also incredibly light and recyclable. This means that you can store, transport, and even recycle the material.

Kinds of Steel Decking

Steel decking is a versatile building material that can be used in a variety of ways. There are a few kinds of steel decking available, each with its own unique benefits. Here’s a quick look at three popular kinds of steel decking.

1. Roof Decking

Roof decking is a premium steel sheet that’s perfect for all kinds of roofing structures. This decking is designed to withstand the elements, making it perfect for outdoor use. There are three different kinds of roof decking options: Type B, Type A, and Type N.

Type B deck comes with a balance of strength and economy. There are a few different finishes available, with the most popular options being G40, G60, and G90 coatings. The prime-painted finish is a great option to help protect the steel outdoors.

Type A deck is designed to be installed with thinner insulation. This kind of decking is typically used in repair projects and re-roofing. The purpose of this kind of deck is less on the strength side and more on the aesthetic structure itself.

Type N is twice as deep as Type B and is the best option when it comes to pure strength and durability. This is ideal for massive structures such as auditoriums and gyms. There are a few different coating options available, allowing you to protect the steel in the long run.

2. Composite Decking

Composite decking acts as a guide and form for you to fill your concrete. This kind of deck comes in three different variations, allowing you to find the perfect size for your project. The 1.5-inch deck is perfect for concrete floors, while the thicker 2-inch deck adds even more strength.

The 3-inch composite deck is the best option for larger buildings and structures. This is because the 3-inch design allows you to increase the overall strength and durability of the structure itself. As with the other decking options, you can also choose to finish the deck with prime-painted or galvanized coatings.

This helps improve the durability of the decking over the long run.

3. Form Deck

Form deck is typically used to add structural support for insulating roof-fill systems or concrete floors. This kind of deck is perfect for projects where concrete composite is not required. There are tons of different patterns that you can choose from, allowing you to find the ideal structure for your project.

The various patterns don’t just alter the aesthetic, they also help reduce the volume required to fill. This means that you can still boast an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.

The Benefits of Metal Decking

There are tons of benefits that come with metal decking. These benefits range from straight cost savings to structural benefits for your project itself. Here’s a quick look at the main benefits of using metal decking for your project.

1. Faster Installation

Metal decking is designed to stack on top of each other during storage and slot into place when used in construction. The design makes it simple and easy to work with, but also saves you tons of time. This is because you don’t need to stress about cutting or aligning the metal decking while you’re busy on site.

Instead, you can simply slide them into place and secure them to the structure. The strength of the decking itself provides you with enough support, allowing you to start pouring concrete in no time. This saves you tons of time and can shorten your overall construction time for the project.

2. Strength Ratio

Metal decking comes in a few different varieties. Depending on what you plan to use the decking for, there are thicker and thinner options available. The thicker options are ideal for floors and roofs that need to support more weight.

However, thin options are perfect for siding and aesthetic roofs that don’t need to support much vertical weight. What makes steel decking so impressive is that it still manages to stay durable and strong regardless of its weight. This results in a powerful strength-to-weight ratio that makes it one of the best construction materials out there.

With its strength-to-weight ratio, you can use the material for a variety of applications without worrying about its durability. While the metal sheets themselves may flex, the decking structure helps add rigidity back to the material. This helps it deflect wind with ease, making it the best material to support concrete structures.

3. Durability

Steel decking is incredibly strong and durable. This is because the structure itself helps to distribute weight evenly throughout the underlying structure. Whether you’re using the decking for concrete floors or roofing, the durability makes it a great investment.

The durability of steel exceeds its pure strength. This is because galvanized steel can withstand the elements better than most other construction products. This means that you don’t have to worry about rust or wear threatening the structural integrity of the building.

4. Stocking and Storage

Metal decking is designed in a uniform way. This means that you can easily stack and store metal decking in the corner of your room. Some premium distributors even allow you to store your decking with them until you actually need it, saving you space on-site as well.

5. Cost Saving

When it comes to managing a construction project, the financial side of things is incredibly important. This is what guides many decisions during the project itself. High-quality steel decking isn’t the cheapest option, but it does come with impressive financial benefits in the long run.

This is because the customization options, the storage solutions, and the durability of metal decking help make it the best solution out there. This material comes with all the structural benefits you need but also lasts incredibly long.

This means that you won’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs as often as you would with other materials. In the long run, this will help you save money on building maintenance and essential structural repairs.

How Is Steel Decking Made?

Steel decking is typically made from sheets of steel. These sheets are then processed through a machine to form the metal decking. This process can be customized to your exact needs, allowing you to get the exact style you’re looking for.

Distributors that offer custom metal decking have these machines in their facilities. This means that they can manufacture custom decking as soon as you order. This saves you time and money.

How to Find the Best Steel Supplier

Not all steel suppliers offer the same quality or service. This is why it’s so important to partner with a trustworthy, reliable steel supplier for your project. Here’s a quick guide on how to find the best steel supplier for your specific needs.

Quality Steel

When it comes to sourcing steel for your projects, quality should always take priority. Not all steel is made the same, so take your time to look for the best quality steel. Don’t be shy to ask for samples or even custom samples before you make your final decision.

This way, you know exactly what quality of steel you’re getting for your project.

Industry Approvals

Industry approvals are an easy and efficient way to make sure that you’re buying quality steel products. Most major steel distributors will showcase their approvals on their website, allowing you to rest assured that you’re buying the best. While there may be cheaper alternatives, investing in approved steel products is always the best option in the long run.

Value Added Services

When you partner with a steel distributor, you should always take a close look at the services they offer. Some steel distributors simply sell and deliver steel products while others may offer customization options. Even if you don’t need custom steel components, partnering with a custom distributor can come in handy if you have last-minute changes.

Project Customization

As mentioned above, some steel distributors offer custom steel products. This means that if your project requires custom sizing or unique steel products, they will be able to deliver. Partnering with a supplier that offers this service can help streamline your supply chain as you can get all your steel products from a single source.

Having a single supplier comes with additional benefits as well. The most notable benefit is the overall costs. Since you’re buying everything from one place, you’re bound to get the best deal for all your steel needs.

Customer Service

The most important aspect of a business is customer service. This is because bad customer service can cause customers to turn away even if you have the best product. With this being said, always make sure that you’re working with a great team that can help support your project.

The best way to evaluate a company’s customer service is by looking through its online reviews. This gives you a first-hand look at how customers in the past have been treated.

Consider Steel Decking for Your Next Project

Steel decking is an incredibly versatile material that can help save time and cut costs during construction. The best part about using steel decking is that you can benefit from the added strength and durability while also reducing your overall carbon footprint. This is why construction companies from around the world love including steel in their projects.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable steel supplier, Bushwick Metals is one of the best in the industry. Whether you’re looking for standard steel components or custom steel products for your project, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information.

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