Value Added Services

Intsel Steel

Bushwick Metals has been an unparalleled leader in the metals industry for over a century. Leveraging over a century of experience and expertise, we’ve developed one of the most complete and diversified carbon-steel product lines in the industry. But we didn’t stop there. We also invested in a comprehensive suite of metals-processing equipment, which uses the latest technologies and most advanced techniques to process our metals and ensure they arrive at your facility or project site completely ready for use. What’s more, Bushwick Metals employs a dedicated and talented staff who are extensively trained, committed to ensuring our clients’ satisfaction, and take pride in their work.

With multiple large warehouses and around-the-clock loading and processing, we have the ability to meet our customers’ most stringent requirements. Our value-added services offerings were carefully curated in order to ensure we’re offering exactly what you need, exactly how and when you need it. Our equipment and capabilities include the following: