Intsel Steel

Outstanding Products and Support for over a century

With over a century of experience and expertise in the steel industry, Intsel Steel has developed one of the most complete and diversified range of carbon-steel products in the industry. We stock an extensive array of sizes, shapes, types, and grades for each of our product lines, with many more special-order products available. We’re committed to meeting all your structural-steel needs, whether that means supplying high-quality steel products from our vast inventory or sourcing them from all over the world.

More Than Just Steel

Rather than simply offering our extensive steel stock to choose from, we also work tirelessly to deliver additional value by enhancing product offerings with best-in-class supply-chain support, materials-management advice, inventory planning, and more. Thanks to over 100 years in the business, we have deep industry expertise, and, because our primary goal is to support our customers’ success, we’re eager to share our knowledge with you.

At your request, we’ll work to understand the needs and challenges of your business, then use our industry knowledge to gather intelligence, assess market conditions, and provide you with strategic insights and guidance that will help you make smarter buying decisions. Our ability to understand lead times, navigate international purchasing and shipping processes, and analyze the state of the market to predict future pricing trends gives us—and our customers—a serious competitive edge.

Materials Management

With our best-in-class materials-management services, you’ll receive outstanding support and expertise as we assist you in all aspects of the planning, purchasing, storing and distribution of steel products in order best meet your needs and support your business objectives.

Our standard next-day delivery service enables you to reduce your overhead by only buying what you need, streamlining your supply chain, reducing the need to store material, minimizing your aged inventory costs, and lessening the financial risk that comes with large inventory investments. To help you manage project budgets, we also offer contract pricing plans and automatic deliveries.

Ultimately, we help you boost your efficiency and achieve great profitability.

With outstanding responsivity and tremendous flexibility, we move mountains to get you what you need, when and how you need it. By combining our global-procurement capabilities with our value-added processing services and our intuitive supply chain and logistics support, we’ve positioned Intsel Steel as the Northeast’s leading steel supplier. We’ll continue to work hard every day to earn that title and your business!

Contact us today to discuss all your carbon steel structural and plate needs!