Intsel Steel

TypeBar SizeBar Size NoWeight in Lbs - 1ftDiameter In InchesArea In Square InchesPerimeter Inches
Reinforcing Bars1/4 Rd.20.1670.250.050.786
Reinforcing Bars3/8 Rd.30.3760.3750.111.178
Reinforcing Bars1/2 Rd.40.6680.50.21.571
Reinforcing Bars5/8 Rd.51.0430.6250.311.963
Reinforcing Bars3/4 Rd61.5020.750.442.356
Reinforcing Bars7/8 Rd.72.0440.7850.62.749
Reinforcing Bars1 Rd.82.6710.793.142
Reinforcing Bars1 Rd.93.41.12813.544
Reinforcing Bars1 7/8 Rd.104.3031.271.273.99
Reinforcing Bars1 1/4 Rd.115.3131.411.564.43

Rebar Stock

At Intsel Steel, we stock a complete inventory of slab and beam bolsters, chairs, and threaded rebar in an exceptionally wide range of sizes and tolerances. Ideal for use in concrete construction of buildings, foundations, roadways, and bridges, rebar is economical and offers excellent tensile strength. High-strength low-alloy (HSLA) structural-steel rebar also offers excellent corrosion resistance.

We sell stock rebar in several grades and offer machining services to ensure your rebar is configured to your exact specifications. Not only are we able to bend #3 Grade 60 up to #11 Grade 60 rebar, but our two Fabmatic Rebar Bending Machines enables us to bend #3 through #5 rebar into over 80 different preprogrammed shapes. No need to worry about bending rebar on the job site — Intsel Steel will bend rebar to your precise requirements so it’s ready to use the minute it arrives at your door. To complement our comprehensive rebar stock, Intsel Steel now stocks a complete inventory of slab and beam bolsters, chairs, threaded-rebar couplers, tie-wire rolls, and wire mesh. 

We stock rebar in the following grades (information based on 3/4” to 1 ¼” round bars):


Offering a tensile strength of 58 KSI and a yield strength of 36 KSI


Offering a tensile strength of 63 KSI and a yield strength of 35 KSI, this grade has a brinnel hardness of 126.


Up to 4” thick, A588 is an HSLA steel rebar offered with 70 KSI tensile strength and 50 KSI yield strength. At 4” to 5” thick, our rebar has a 67 KSI tensile strength and a 46 KSI yield strength. At 5” to 8” thick, our rebar has a 63 KSI tensile strength and a 42 KSI yield strength.

If you have questions about our rebar or other steel offerings, please contact us at Intsel Steel today. Need to take rebar delivery right away? Place your order today and we’ll move mountains to get it to you by tomorrow!