Target Markets

Intsel Steel

Steel Fabricators & Manufacturers

Intsel Steel is dedicated to serving fabricators and manufacturers of all sizes. Alongside our quality products we offer a full range of processing services and logistical support. This results in fast and efficient orders that are flexible to the requirements and timeline of a given project. Whether it be with advice on materials management or any one of our value-added services, we are committed to passing on the value that we provide to help ensure the long-term success of the fabricators and manufacturers who work with us.

Metal Construction & Scaffolding

Hot-rolled steel is one of our specialties, and the only thing that matches the quality of our steel is our expertise and customer support. We work with all of our construction clients to assess a strategy that will bring the best results for their buying decisions. This can be help with inventory planning or sharing tactical insights to help a client optimize their supply chain. A construction client might come to us at first with just steel in mind, but at the end of they day they’ll end up with a game plan and a partner to help them realize their goals.

Ornamental Metal & More!

At Intsel Steel, we buy in bulk so our clients don’t have to! This is especially useful when it comes to ornamental metals and other specialty orders. We help reduce our clients’ overhead by offering manageable order sizes and special-order products for what we don’t have immediately in stock. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to metal distribution, and no one knows that better than us.