Steel Tubing & Piping

Intsel Steel

Double Extra Strong Pipe Fence Pipe and Tube - Hot Dipped Galvanized Fence Pipe and Tube - SS Galvanized Galvanized Awning Tube & Pipe Light Wall Pipe Round Mechanic Tubing Square and Rectangular Mechanical Tubing Standard Pipe Structural Steel Rectangular Tubing Structural Steel Square Tubing

Steel Tubing and Pipe

Intsel Steel is ready to meet all your tubing and pipe needs, with an extensive range of products available in many different grades:

  • Square Mechanical Tubing 
  • Square and Rectangular Mechanical Tubing: available in A500-B, A500-C and A513
  • Rectangular Mechanical Tubing 
  • Structural Steel Square Tubing 
  • Structural Steel Rectangular Tubing 
  • Round Mechanic Tubing 
  • Light Wall Pipe: welded, black, plain end  
  • Standard Pipe: uncoated, coated, and galvanized
  • Double Extra Strong Pipe: plain end  
  • Fence Pipe and Tube – Hot Dipped Galvanized 
  • Fence Pipe and Tube – SS Galvanized 
  • Galvanized Awning Tube and Pipe

When you need steel tubing and pipe, you can count on Intsel Steel to meet your exact requirements with an array of value-added processing services and rapid delivery of your product. The vast majority of our customers benefit from next-day delivery which helps to reduce their inventory requirements and make smarter buying decisions. 

And because we offer many different steel-processing services, you’ll get your steel tubing and pipe products delivered exactly when, where, and how you need them, which can dramatically boost your efficiency, reduce overhead by helping you avoid making capital equipment purchases, and streamline your on-site workload. Intsel Steel has invested in the best technology and equipment in order to offer many value-added processing services, including lasering, machining, milling, drilling, shearing, and much more. 

We also leverage our nearly two centuries of continuous operation in the steel industry to offer our customers the most insightful guidance and valuable expertise, including inventory planning, materials management, forecasting, and more. At Intsel Steel, we provide our customers with the most comprehensive and high-quality products, services, and support than anyone else in the industry. Give us a call and see for yourself: whether you need custom or off-the-shelf steel products, we’ll move mountains to get them to you tomorrow! 

Furnace Butt-Welded Pipe, Continuous Weld: This pipe is produced in continuous lengths from coiled skelp and subsequently cut into individual lengths. Its longitudinal butt joint is forge-welded by the mechanical pressure developed in rolling hot-formed skelp through a set of round pass-welding rolls. Conforms to A53 Type F.

Electric-Resistance-Welded Pipe: Produced in individual lengths or in continuous lengths from coiled skelp and subsequently cut into individual lengths, electric-resistance-welded pipe has a longitudinal butt joint. The joint is fused by the heat produced from an electric current and through the application of pressure. It is mainly used for low/medium-pressure applications such as transportation of water or oil. Conforms to A53 Type E.

Seamless Pipe

Seamless pipe is a tubular product made without a welded seam that’s manufactured by extruding hot-working steel billet. The resulting form is cold-finished as needed to produce the desired shape, dimensions, and properties. Seamless pipe has many applications across a range of industries due to its strength, uniform shape, and ability to withstand high temps and pressures (dependent on type). Conforms to A53 Type S.

Round Mechanical Tubing

Manufactured from M1010 strip steel, round mechanical tubing features a uniform wall thickness thanks to close strip tolerance. Welding flash is removed by either rolling or cutting. Hot-rolled round mechanical tubing is formed from hot-rolled M1010 pickled strip and has a good finish suitable for painting. Cold-rolled round mechanical tubing is manufactured from cold-rolled M1010 No. 2 finish strip and is particularly appropriate for applications requiring high finishes. Both types can be formed, bent, swedged, flattened, etc.

Fence Pipe

Strong and durable fence posts and rails made of high tensile steel, our fence piope is cold rolled and water quenched to resist bending and dents. A triple-coat protection is applied to seal the
surface and prevent oxidation and flaking to ensure long-lasting performance.

FS Tubing and Pipe

FS tube is a hi-strength, light wall product that is designed for the awning industry and
can be used in load-bearing applications. This product can be substituted for fence pipe
and standard pipe. Available in two finishes including Clean-Coat, a clear acrylic that acts as a
rust inhibitor and primer, and Gatorshield® galvanized finish. 


Gatorshield: The steel strip used in the manufacture of our galvanized FS tubing and pipe product conforms to A569 for 1008–1010 carbon steel and A568 for 1015–1022 carbon steel. This material is protected with Gatorshield, a unique triple-coating galvanizing process developed by Allied Tube and Conduit, that has proven to be the best product choice for outdoor structures versus all competitive product offerings. Derived from Allied’s original Flo-Coat product, it is manufactured using the same advanced processing technique as the original. Gatorshield galvanized steel tubing is created by adding 50% more Western-grade pure zince, which results in superior corrosion protection. The surface of our FS tubing and pipe can also be painted or powder coated for aesthetic purposes with little advance preparation. 

Galvanized Awning Tube & Pipe: This pipe is designed specifically for the awning and canopy industry. For years, awning and canopy manufacturers have been using Schedule 40 pipe because they had no other choice. Intsel Steel’s Awning Tube & Pipe is stronger, yet lighter in weight, than conventional Schedule 40 Pipe and can be used as an alternative in load-bearing applications. It offers the same structural characteristics as Schedule 40 Pipe, but at a much more affordable price.