Steel Sheets

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Structural-Steel Sheets

Like all our structural-steel products, our structural-steel sheet is made from high-quality steel sourced from all over the world. With an extensive range of sizes, types, and grades in stock, we’re able to help you manage your supply chains, reduce overhead, and minimize the amount of structural-steel product you need to hold in inventory. Whenever you need structural-steel sheet, simply contact us and we’ll ship it out the same day. Because we have storage and production facilities throughout the Northeast, we can usually deliver your structural-steel sheet the very next day! 

Need your structural-steel sheet machined before taking delivery? We do that, too. With a host of value-added services available, Intsel Steel enables you to order custom-processed structural steel that arrives at your project site or facility ready for use. From forming to sheering to bending and more, we make your job easier by providing the top-quality steel when, where, and how you need it. When you need structural-steel sheet now, contact Intsel Steel, and we’ll move mountains to get it to you by tomorrow.

Carbon Sheets

Hot-Rolled Sheet

A commercial-quality, low-carbon steel, hot-rolled steel sheet is soft enough to bend flat on itself in any direction without cracking. The surface of hot-rolled sheet has a normal mill oxide, so the sheet is used in applications where surface finish is not critical. Conforms to A1011.

Hot-Rolled, Pickled, and Oiled Sheet 

Characteristics are similar to that of hot-rolled commercial-quality sheets, the hot-rolled pickled and oiled sheet has an improved surface finish and texture. We use an acid-pickling process to remove oxides, then oil the surface to protect from rust and oxidation. This process creates a more uniform surface, which once cleaned, provides a surface that more readily allows paints and enamels to adhere. improves the adhesion of paints and enamels. Conforms to A1011.

Hot Rolled, High-Strength, Low-Alloy Sheet

Also known as Corten sheet, this hot-rolled sheet offers a significantly higher minimum yield strength along with more corrosion resistance than a hot-rolled, commercial-quality sheet. With two to four times more corrosive resistance than low-carbon steel sheets and a minimum yield strength of 50 ksi, the high strength of this sheet makes it ideal for construction applications where reduced weight is desirable. Conforms to A606.

Cold-rolled Sheet

Cold-rolled sheet is commercial-quality, low-carbon steel sheet that offers tighter thickness tolerances and better surface quality than hot-rolled, pickled, and oiled sheets. These sheets are soft enough to bend flat in any direction without cracking and the deoxidized surface will readily accept painting after the sheet is cleaned. The surfaces of this sheet is slightly oiled to protect from rust. Conforms to A366.

Galvanized Sheet

A commercial-quality, low-carbon steel sheet that’s coated with a protective layer of zinc. The zinc coating on these sheets offer a substantial increase in corrosion resistance over an uncoated hot-rolled sheet. These sheets can be formed without the zinc surface flaking or peeling. Galvanized sheets can be welded or soldered. Various coating weights, spangle sizes, and ASTM specifications are available.