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The Northeast’s Leading Steel Distributor

Intsel Steel and Bushwick Metals are best known for their vast wholesale structural-steel products service center with an extraordinary history and an exceptional commitment to customer service. Today, Bushwick Metals is known for having the widest, deepest range of steel products available—and for its commitment to rapid—often next-day—delivery for all of its clients up and down the East Coast from its warehouses in Bridgeport CT, South Plainfield NJ and New Castle Delaware facilities.

Over A Century Of Service

A Intsel Steel Company that’s backed by the power of Triple-S Steel (Houston Texas), Bushwick Metals has been the structural-steel products business for over a century. Bushwick Metals has five locations in four states along the East Coast, including three full line carbon service centers and three offices. As the leader in warehousing, distributing, and processing steel products, Bushwick Metals prides itself on its tireless commitment to serving its customers by consistently meeting these three objectives:

  • source only the highest-quality structural-steel and plate products from around the globe in order to offer the most extensive range of steel products available
  • warehouse a vast inventory of steel structural, plate and ornamental products and provide next-day delivery, to help customers avoid warehousing fees and enables them to better manage their production schedules and material costs.
  • provide steel-processing services to help our customers meet tight timelines and reduce their own capital equipment investments

Value-Added Services

To further extend the value we provide to our customers, we’ve introduced new equipment to our facilities that enables us to offer a wide range of steel-processing services. From high-capacity saw-cutting, oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting to cambering, drilling, milling, slotting and punching, we not only deliver steel products next-day, we can process them first so they’re ready for our customers immediate use.

We focus on supporting our customers’ growth not only by solving their production and cost issues, but also offering strategic industry guidance and creative financing solutions. Our customers love how we enable them to reduce costs, manage their inventory and material costs, and speed up their project timelines with the highest quality steel and processing services available.

Contact Bushwick Metals today to find out how we can help your grow your company’s success and profitability.