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September 12, 2022 in Blog / Rebar

In 2020, the delivery business broke records as around 20 billion packages were sent around the world. Among those, rebar remained a necessity within the construction industry. The key to a successful construction project is, after all, quality products delivered on time.

Although finding and purchasing New York rebar might seem simple and quick, there are many different factors that may impede the condition or timeliness of your next-day rebar delivery. Read on for a comprehensive guide on New York rebar supply and learn how to get quality rebar at your construction site overnight.

What Is Rebar?

Rebar is the shorthand for “reinforced bar.” Often made from steel, these bars provide high-tensile strength for construction. The most common use of rebar is to reinforce construction projects that use a lot of concrete.

Due to its porous nature, concrete is vulnerable to cracking over time. However, with the help of rebar, it becomes several times less susceptible to corrosion. By adding structure and strength from within, the rebar helps the concrete survive the elements.

While carbon steel rebar is popular for its low cost and durability, there are other types of rebar available. These include:

  • Glass fiber rebar
  • Galvanized rebar
  • Stainless steel rebar
  • Epoxy coated rebar

Each type of rebar serves different purposes depending on the project. But you’ll have the most luck and reliability using quality carbon steel rebar for most construction endeavors.

Construction Projects That Rely on Rebar

Rebar is instrumental in a few different types of construction projects. But, using rebar in a construction project isn’t always the default. Though some construction projects need rebar, you should only use it where necessary. Roads are a great example of a project that needs rebar, since concrete is vulnerable to outward pressure from vehicles and pressure from the moving ground.

Moreover, buildings made with concrete need rebar to remain upright. The building beams experience pressure on many different levels. They have compression from the top-down, external weather forces, and people coming and going. Choosing rebar for most concrete construction is a safe bet. Consider the type and amount of compressive strength your final construction will endure when buying and using rebar.

Choosing a New York Rebar Supplier

New York is a bustling state rife with new construction projects. To match, New York rebar supply is also a flourishing business, leaving you with plenty of options. If you’re looking for a quality rebar supplier in New York, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Budget Considerations

At the end of the day, your budget will define the constraints of your rebar purchasing options. But, if you find that your budget does not allow for enough quality grade structural steel bars, we recommend reworking it. Your final project will only be as strong as the materials you make it with. There’s a lot of risk involved with cutting corners on structural materials. If you get the job done right, you only ever need to do it once.

Delivery and Time Constraints

Even if you plan ahead, things change. You may find you need rebar in an unexpected place during construction. But, you don’t have enough to fill that need.

To proceed on schedule, you’ll want rebar as soon as possible. You will either have to send a truck to pick up the rebar you need or opt for overnight rebar shipping. Depending on the suppliers in your area, you may only be able to select from limited options at that juncture.

Rebar Quality and Condition

Quality is a major factor that will help you decide on a New York Rebar supplier. If you have a quality control expert on your team, they will become instrumental in deciding which rebar is right for your project.

However, you can also determine a rebar’s quality without a designated team member. We recommend seeking out testimonials from real customers of different suppliers. Using third-party review sites also helps you get an unbiased idea of whether a steel supplier sells quality products.

Average Cost of Rebar in New York

The cost of rebar will vary depending on who you buy it from, delivery fees, and what type of rebar you’re ordering. Here’s a quick rundown of the average costs of different types of rebar:

  • Steel rebar: $0.18-$6.80 per foot
  • Stainless steel rebar: $2.50-$16 per foot
  • Galvanized rebar: $0.19-$7.82 per foot (10-15% more than steel)
  • Fiberglass rebar: $0.22-$8.50 per foot (20-25% more than steel)
  • Epoxy coated rebar: $300-$400 per 50-pound box

No matter what rebar you select, the cost by weight or by foot will vary depending on the cost of materials. Steel changes in price every so often, as do fiberglass and epoxy. Sometimes, you’ll find that steel suppliers may offer discounts for ordering in bulk. Make sure you understand each supplier’s price options before making your final purchase.

Finally, you may incur delivery fees. Standard delivery fees are often cheaper than overnight delivery, and you should consider these in your budget before you buy rebar.

How to Buy Rebar in New York

Many construction companies prefer to purchase rebar in bulk. It’s often cheaper and it helps to build your own supply for future projects. Having too much is almost always better than having too little when it comes to staying on a strict construction schedule. You have quite a few options for buying rebar in New York both in bulk and in smaller quantities. While shopping online is prevalent, you still have the option of going to a physical rebar store to shop for structural bars.

Remember, if there’s an urgent need for rebar, you need reliable next-day delivery. Few New York rebar suppliers can guarantee that kind of service outside of Buschwick Metals.

New York Rebar Supply: Next Day Delivery

If you’re looking for the best rebar in New York, look no further than Bushwick Metals. We supply high-quality rebars to construction professionals throughout the state and offer overnight delivery on every order.

We’re proud to be among the leaders in New York Rebar supply, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can get you the supplies you need in record time.

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