The Benefits of Metal Deck Roofs in Cold Weather Regions

October 9, 2023 in Press Release
Metal Deck Roofs in Cold Weather

A recent study suggests that the demand for metal roofing for re-roofing purposes grew by 15% in 2020 from 12% in 2021. And this growth is largely due to the increased need for roofing materials that can help protect homes against extreme weather conditions like the cold. So, if you live in a cold region and want to roof your home, consider metal deck roofs.

A metal deck roof features corrugated metal sheets (supported by joists or steel beams) that act as a structural roof deck. Its purpose is to support a roof’s insulating membrane, keeping your home warmer in the cold season and cooler in the hot season. Here are other benefits of using this type of roof on your residential property:


Metal roofs are highly durable and withstand the harsh conditions of cold weather, including heavy snow, ice, and high winds. They can last for 50 years or more, which means you won’t have to replace them as often as other types of roofs. Their fire, mold, and mildew resistance is also exceptional.

The durability of metal roofs stems from strong, durable materials. Most metal roofs feature steel, aluminum, or copper as their main materials. These metals are strong and can withstand a lot of weather impacts.

The lifespan can vary with the type of metal deck used. It also varies with the thickness of the metal, the installation, and the climate. So, talk to a roofing contractor to learn more about your metal roof options and their durability.


Metal roofs are very watertight, which helps prevent leaks and water damage. But their watertightness depends on various factors, like the type of metal used. Some metals (like copper) are more watertight than others (like aluminum).

Thicker metal is more watertight than thinner metal. Also, a well-installed roof is more watertight than a poorly installed roof. And a damaged or corroded roof is more likely to leak than a roof that is in good condition.

Metal roofs are watertight since they feature smooth, water-resistant materials. These materials make it difficult for water to penetrate the roof. They often have overlapping panels to prevent water from seeping through the seams between the panels.

Energy Efficiency

A metal deck roof can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer when winter comes. It reflects heat up and away from buildings to achieve this effect. As such, this type of roofing can save homeowners money on energy costs.

Metal deck roofs are also energy-efficient since they are lightweight. They don’t absorb as much heat as other roofing materials. And thanks to their durability, you won’t have to replace your roof as often.

Certain factors can affect the energy efficiency of metal deck roofing. These factors include the type, color, thickness of the metal, and roof installation. Some metals are more reflective than others, so the type of metal used will affect the roof’s energy efficiency.

Darker colors absorb a lot more heat than lighter colors, and thicker metal is more reflective than thinner metal. Even more, a well-installed roof is more energy-efficient than a poorly installed one.

Low Maintenance

Metal roofs require very little maintenance, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money on upkeep. They’re low maintenance since they feature durable materials that withstand harsh elements. Their susceptibility to mold, mildew, or algae growth is also low.

You won’t have to re-shingle a metal roof as often as an asphalt shingle. It’s also easy to clean it with a soft brush and water. But there are some things you can do to help keep your metal roof in good condition.

Inspect your roof regularly for damage to identify any problems early on and repair them. Clean it regularly to remove dirt, debris, and algae growth, which can shorten its lifespan. You should also have your roof inspected every few years to ensure there aren’t any hidden problems.

Ice Dam Prevention

A metal deck roof is less likely to form ice dams than other types of roofs. Ice dams can occur when snow melts on a roof and refreezes at the eaves. They can cause water to back up and leak into your home.

Metal roofs reflect heat away from the roof, which helps prevent ice from melting. They also reduce the chances of ice forming. Their smooth and slippery surfaces allow ice dams to slide off easily.

The snow guards on metal roofs help prevent snow from sliding down the roof in large sheets. This way, ice dams won’t form at the roof’s edges.

Snow Shedding

Metal roofs can shed snow, preventing it from accumulating on your roof and causing damage. Their designs allow snow to slide off easily, so you don’t have to shovel it. In particular, they come with a smooth, slick surface.

You can have a metal roof installed with snow guards. Snow guards are small metal bars that help prevent snow from sliding down your roof in large sheets. They make it easier to remove snow from your roof.

A metal roof is a good option if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow. It will help to keep your roof clear of snow and ice, which can help to prevent damage to your home.

Wind Resistance

A metal roof is very wind resistant, meaning it can withstand strong winds without sustaining damage. Such a factor is important in cold weather regions with high winds. Its structure comprises strong materials and screws or bolts to secure it to the roof deck.

Metal roofs also often come with interlocking panels that help keep them in place during high winds. They also undergo tests to withstand specific wind speeds. For instance, a metal roof rated for 120 mph winds can withstand winds up to 120 mph.

Looking to Install a Metal Deck Roof on Your Home?

A metal deck roof is a great choice for cold-weather regions. It’s durable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and fire-resistant. You can also find it in various styles and colors, making it easier to pick one that matches the look of your home.

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