Everything You Need to Know about Metal Decking Types and Usages

June 5, 2023 in Decking
metal decking types

Ever wonder what’s beneath your feet when you’re standing on the top floor of a skyscraper, gazing at the cityscape? Chances are, it’s metal decking. Now, we’re here to pull back the curtains and reveal the unsung heroes of the architectural world – metal decking types.

They’re the robust backbone, the hidden titans holding up our urban jungles. So, let’s buckle up, because we’re about to uncover the marvel beneath our feet.

A World Beneath Our Feet: Metal Decking Types

We walk on them, we build on them, but do we really know what they’re made of? Let’s dive into the different types of metal decking that form the sturdy base of our structures.

Before we start exploring, let’s clear something up. When we talk about metal decking, the star of the show is usually steel. It’s strong, it’s durable, and it’s got that special something that makes it perfect for holding up our skyscrapers.

Steel Decking

Steel decking is that kid in the neighborhood who’s good at everything. From multi-story buildings to your local supermarket, steel decking is always there, proving its strength and durability.

Hold up, though. Metal decking isn’t just about big, burly steel decks. It’s also about the specially designed metal floor decks that hold the dance floor at your favorite rooftop bar.

Metal Floor Deck

Metal floor decks might not look like much, but they’re the secret strength beneath your feet. They are there at every turn, supporting your weight as you dance the night away or simply walk around your office.

Uses of Metal Decking: The What’s and Why’s

Now that we’ve met some of the key players in the metal decking world, let’s see what they’re really made of.

A Solid Foundation

Think of metal decks as the trusted friend you can always rely on. They provide a rock-solid foundation for concrete floors and roofs, ensuring that our buildings are strong and stable. But that’s not all.

Metal decking isn’t just about brute strength. It’s also about providing protection and insulation to our buildings.

Insulation and Fire Protection

Like a true superhero, metal decking doesn’t work alone. It teams up with insulation to make our buildings resistant to fire and temperature changes. And let’s not forget that metal decks are all about durability.

They’re the silent warriors standing up to the forces of nature.


Remember the sandcastle that crumbled under the waves? Metal decking is the complete opposite. It’s built to withstand rain, wind, snow – you name it.

The Many Faces of Metal Decking

Just like people, not all metal decks are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes, each with its own unique strength and function.

Corrugated Steel Deck

This one’s like the strong, silent type in a romance novel. It’s all about the wave-like pattern that gives it an added touch of strength.

Composite Metal Deck

This is what happens when a metal deck and a concrete floor decide to team up. It’s all about getting the best of both worlds – the strength of metal and the durability of concrete.

Cellular Metal Deck

Ever admired the structural design of a honeycomb? That’s what cellular metal decking is all about. It boasts a unique design that makes it both strong and lightweight.

The Unseen Heroes of Architecture

So, there we have it – our deep dive into the world of metal decking types. Hidden yet impactful, they are the silent, robust heroes holding up our urban landscapes.

The next time you step into a building, spare a thought for the metal decking. It’s not just about steel and composite decks; it’s about the strength that makes our world stand tall. Quite the marvel, isn’t it?

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