Steel Rebar Sizes: How to Check the Quality of TMT Bars at Home

July 10, 2023 in Rebar
Steel Rebar Sizes

Are you getting ready to build a home? There will be so many construction materials you’ll need to secure to do it.

From concrete and brick to wood and glass, it’ll be important that you use only high-quality materials. It’ll result in a sturdier home in the end.

Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars, better known as TMT bars, will serve as the backbone of your home-building project. You’ll need to select the right steel rebar sizes for a home and see to it that TMT steel bars are of the highest quality.

So, how can you check steel bar quality to ensure you’re using the best TMT bars in the business for your project? Continue reading to find out how to do it.

Start by Evaluating Checkpoints

When you’re first checking the quality of TMT bars, begin by evaluating certain checkpoints. These checkpoints will show you whether or not TMT bars are of high quality right from the start.

Here are several of the most important checkpoints you should look at:

  • TMT bars should be ISI certified and carry an ISI mark somewhere on them
  • TMT bars should come with a report on chemical and physical test authenticity
  • TMT bars should have national certificates like ASTM A706, BS449, or JIS G3109
  • TMT bars should include a unique rib pattern that either meets or exceeds the ISI standard that has been established for a concrete bond test
  • TMT bars should be free from any rust, paint, and grease

You can also sneak a peek at steel rebar sizes to evaluate the quality of TMT bars. Their standard length is typically 12 feet, and they also have diameters that are consistent.

Run Quality Tests

In addition to evaluating the checkpoints we just touched on while inspecting the quality of TMT bars, there are also quality tests you can perform. It would be worth putting a TMT bar through these quality tests to see how it holds up.

There is, for example, a simple bend test you can perform on a TMT bar to test its quality. You can bend this TMT bar 180 degrees and see how it reacts. It shouldn’t crack or rupture in any way if it’s a high-quality TMT bar.

There is also a rebend test that you can perform on a TMT bar to inspect its quality. This test will call for you to bend a TMT bar 135 degrees, put it into water that is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and bend it 157.5 degrees to see how it responds. It shouldn’t crack or rupture at all during this test, either, if it’s a high-quality TMT bar.

Buy TMT Bars From the Right Company

The easiest way to guarantee you’re able to get high-quality TMT bars for a home-building project is by purchasing them from a reputable company. A company like Intsel Steel can set you up with the TMT bars you need in the correct steel rebar sizes.

You’ll notice the difference between the TMT bars we sell and the TMT bars sold by other companies. You’ll also find that we carry many other high-quality building materials.

We’ll Help You Buy TMT Bars in the Right Steel Rebar Sizes

Do you want to make sure you’re only using the best TMT bars during your construction jobs? Intsel Steel can provide you with TMT bars you’ll be able to trust.

We can also help you choose the right steel rebar sizes for your specific projects. We’ll be your one-stop shop for many of your steel construction products and services.

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