Intsel Steel


The following shape formulas can be used to calculate the nominal weights for various carbon steel shapes. These weight calculations are based upon the theoretical weight of steel at 40.80 pounds per square foot per one inch of thickness. These weight formulas are for nominal weights, (and are approximations), and should not be considered an exact weight. All dimensions are to be in inches.

Rounds =Diameter squared x 2.67 = Weight in pounds per Linear Foot.
Squares =Diameter squared x 3.4 = Weight in pounds per Linear Foot.
Hexagons* =Diameter squared x 2.945 = Weight in pounds per Linear Foot.
Octagons* =Diameter squared x 2.817 = Weight in pounds per Linear Foot.
Plates, Sheets & Flats =Thickness x Width x 3.45 = Weight in pounds per Linear Foot.
Plate Circles =Diameter squared x thickness x .2225 = Weight per Circle.
Round Tubing =10.68 x (O.D. – W.T.) x W.T.
Square Tubing =13.6 x (O.D. – W.T.) x W.T.
Rectangular Tubing =13.6 x [(SL + SS) – W.T.] x W.T.

* Diameter is measured across the flats.

O.D. = Outside Diameter
W.T. = Wall Thickness
SL = Long Side
SS = Short Side


Cost per Hundred Feet =Cost per Hundred Weight x Weight per Foot.
Cost per Hundred Weight =Cost per Hundred Feet / Weight per Foot.
Area of a Circle =Diameter x Diameter x 0.7854
Circumference of a Circle =Diameter x 3.1416
Diameter of a Circle =Circumference x 0.31831
Area of a Triangle =Base x Perpendicular Height x 0.5
Area of a Rectangle =Width x Length
Area of a Square =Side x Side
Area of Parallelogram =Base x Altitude
Side of an Inscribed Equal Square for a Circle =Diameter x 0.8862
Side of a Square x 1.4142 =Diameter of Circumscribed Circle
Doubling the Diameter of a Circle increases the area of the Circle four times.
Doubling the diameter of a Pipe increases its capacity four times.


Millimeters x .03937 = InchesInches x 25.40 = Millimeters
Meters x 3.2809 = FeetFeet x .3048 = Meters
Kilometers x .621377 = MilesMiles x 1.6093 = Kilometers
Liters x 61.023 = Cubic InchesCubic Inches x .01639 = Liters
Liters x .26418 = U.S. GallonsU.S. Gallons x 3.7854 = Liters
Grams x .03527 = OuncesOunces x 28.350 = Grams
Metric Ton x .9072 = U.S. TonU.S. Ton x 1.1023 = Metric Ton
Metric Ton = 2205#