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Bushwick's Processing Equipment


Processing Equipment Complete

Bushwick Metals LLC showcases their Processing Equipment. A quick clip of Bushwick's capabilities.


Heavy Plate Processor

Bushwick Metals LLC showcases their Heavy Plate Processor which can drill, tap, countersink, counterbore, mill, scribe & HD plasma cut all in one center.


Saw Cutting

Bushwick Metals demonstrating their Saw Cutting Equipment. Bushwick can saw cut single pieces or bundles quickly and accurately.



Interested in having having plates or sheets sheared right to your exact sizes? Bushwick shows you how it is done.



Bushwick Metals LLC can bend plate up to 1" thick by 16 feet long.


Plasma & Flame Cutting

Bushwick is capable of cutting plates up to 6" thick on their Plasma & Flame Cutting Equipment. If you can draw it - Bushwick can cut it.



Bushwick Metals demonstrating how they camber steel beams up to 40" high. If you are looking for a way to reduce your structural size for your weight load - consider cambering.


Tee Splitting & Straightening

Bushwick shows how to Rotary Shear Split a wide flange beam into a Tee and then how to to straighten it.


Shape Rolling

Bushwick Metals is capable of rolling many different shapes to what ever radius you require.


Plate Rolling

Bushwick demonstrating their plate and sheet rolling equipment. Arcs, segments, cylinders or conical shapes - Bushwick can roll it to the shape you are looking for.


Rebar Fabrication

Bushwick Metals shows their Rebar Fabrication equipment in action. Takeoffs, estimates, placement drawings and fabrication, Bushwick does it all.


Section Bending

Bushwick Metals demonstrates their Section Bending equipment. Beams, Angles, Channels, Tees, Bars, Tubing and Pipe can all have a radius put into them. If your structural application requires a radius - Call Bushwick Metals.


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