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Prime Coat provides the following advantages over oil-coated or laquered tube and pipe products...

  • PRIME COAT is a pigmented polymer coating, not a paint.
  • PRIME COAT will readily accept a wide range of liquid or powder topcoats. 
  • PRIME COAT eliminates pre-cleaning or degreasing of the tube's surface. The pre-primed tube arrives ready to process.
  • PRIME COAT provides a uniform and consistent topcoat due to a smooth primer substrate finish. 
  • PRIME COAT exhibits excellent fabrication characteristics... normal manufacturing operations will not affect the primer coating.
  • PRIME COAT allows for normal welding practices... no additional welding preparations are required. 
  • PRIME COAT provides comparable corrosion and humidity resistance to oil-coated commercial quality products.
  • PRIME COAT (unlike laquer-coated or painted pipe) can be galvanized without going through any special stripping operations. 




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